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Prosaminary - KEEP in MOTION

In my past years I've been panting motion bodies and legs all the time.

At a course of prof. Ben Zaken Avner - Visual culture of science ;

at Bezalel academy of Arts and Design

I've been exploring and inspired by few great topics and personas of all times


1.L.De vinci -Uomo Vitruviano. 

2.Claudius Ptolemaeus - The Epicycle.

3.Albrecht Dürer - Figure of Woman Shown in Motion.

All 3 inspirations connected sharply with the Leg pendulum I have created.

Adding LIGHT to show sharply the MOTION of objects;

the shapes that exists in nature (Ex. the round) 

Using a LONG EXPOSURE of the shutter i captured a move of a few seconds in 1 picture.

the Leg pendulum became a painter by natures gravity and physics.

10-18 seconds exposure images ;


click to preview full image

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