Wastefulness is a global issue

The amount of food thrown in the Western world is frightening

The main problem is the lack of value towards the food.


This situation can change

by domestic behavior commercial and political behavior and, above all,

by a more correct personalization

Bone marrow

eating utensils

Bronze casting

use scenario





Billion of people are hungry on a daily basis

Do u throw food from your plate ?


Four billion tons of food is produced worldwide each year.

Two milliard of it is thrown before it even reaches any person


In developing countries, 40% of the waste is generated during harvesting and processing of food ingredients.

In developed countries, however, 40% of food is thrown at marketers and consumers.


About 30% of the vegetables in the UK are not harvested at all because they do not meet the criteria of the marketers.

Approximately 1.6 million tons of food was thrown.


Between 30-50% of the food bought in developing countries is thrown in homes