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'Community Harmony'

2020- 2021



I celebrate the practice of replication.

Face painting is a meditative adventure with endless possibilities.

I cut a generic egg shape and draw entities based on the cut shape repetitively

Accumulate faces that become a community and not just individuals with an individual message.


 observing beings

To each-a world and its fullness

Are they restrained and peaceful? 

Symbols of a co-occult consciousness composed of communities.

The communities are known in the distance but differ in details up close.

They are relaxed in their density and create visual performances that strive to talk about community harmony through an aesthetic performance.

The pop-surreal-metaphysical show connects the dimension of reality to the dimension of the personal consciousness of each viewer.


Consciousness is between the two and thrird dimension.


What form does community harmony take?

When does it go wrong and disturbed?

And know exactly who this problem is?

Are we a part?

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